About us

Talk About It is a standard and reliable mental health service provider based in New Jersey, United States. (Talk About It is a privately-owned mental health service agency operating in New Jersey, United States). We provide practical intervention and effective clinical treatment in pursuit of wellness through mental health reform, therapy, advocacy, research, training, and habitation. 


We have been in establishment since 2018 delivering tailored and effective mental health services to individuals, families, and communities. We believe in the importance of healthy communication and providing answers to overcome our daily challenges. Our goal is to facilitate positive communication skills, identify the barriers to a healthy relationship, and develop an appropriate approach to rebuild the relationship.

Talk about it LLC | Therapy Family Counseling

Mc Laney Moise, LCSW

Mc Laney Moise is a licensed Clinical Social Worker who founded Talk About It LLC in 2018, created to help children and families maintain healthy relationships and attain their potential goals.


After graduating from Fordham University, Moise went on to work in a group home where he grew his love for the field. Throughout the years, Moise has worked as a Clinical Team Leader, School Social Worker and Clinician, and Field Advisor for MSW students at Fordham University. Most recently, he has been working as an In-Home Clinician and  growing his private practice.

Mc Laney's experiences have helped shaped his ideas and knowledge on how to better serve the mental health field. He specializes in working with children, adolescents, teens, and adults dealing with anxiety, depression, trauma, anger management, and relationship issues.