Intensive in Community

IIC services are outcome-oriented and clinical based services that address the emotional and behavioral needs of children in the family. The aim is to strengthen, stabilize, and preserve the family in the community setting. Our IIC services cover a complete continuum of care, from prevention to secure seamless transitions and allow children to be treated in the most appropriate, effective, and least restrictive level of care.


Our goals are to reduce the need for children to leave the house, stabilize crisis, and maintain good mental behavior. 

Behavioral Assistance 


Our Behavioral Assistance Services are specially designed for youths and adolescents to help enhance their mental behavior through the sustainability of positive behavioral changes that improve their functionality in all spheres of life. This includes interpersonal relationships, social interaction, behavioral conduct, and the development of productive skills.


Our Behavioral assistances are well trained and qualified to impact positive behavioral principles to your child and community using culturally-based norms to foster effective and adaptive behavioral change and produce excellent results.

Individual Therapy 


Talk About It offers practical and tailored counseling sessions to individuals who suffer from a variety of emotional difficulties or mental illness. Our specialized therapists take you on a talk session to help you identify your problem and equip you with tools and information you need to cope with the difficulties in an appropriate way. 


Talk About It understands the importance of Individual Therapy, and we strive to connect each individual with licensed therapists who specialized in their specific needs. 

Family Therapy 


Family is the first branch of society, and it decides who we are, how we live, and everything that pertains to our behavior and thinking. Our family therapy covers all members of a nuclear family, or extended family as the case may be. Our specialized family specialists help you deal with pressing family issues that may affect the health and functionality of your family. 


Our licensed family specialists are specially trained to understand relationship dynamics and are ready to help you overcome your challenges. This can be a communication problem, mental or emotional disorder. We have what it takes to help you resolve your issues. 

Parent Support Groups


Parent Support Groups are designed to improve parental effectiveness and provide clear parenting skills and principles to raise their children fitly. We organize group meetings where parents come together to share their challenges and emotional struggle with one and other. This also creates an avenue for parents to learn some practical skills on how to raise their children and maintain a good relation relationship with them.


Licensed clinician facilitates our parent support groups, and the groups are centered around psycho-education, peer support, and parenting skills.